Our Practice

Welcome to Carrow Street Pediatrics! Located in Orchard Park, NY, we are a private practice
specializing solely in pediatric and adolescent medicine. Our practice strives to maintain a
professional and friendly environment for everyone–patients, parents, visitors, and staff.

At Carrow Street Pediatrics, our physicians and nursing staff are committed to providing
robust, comprehensive care that is thoroughly grounded in modern medical science. All of
our diagnoses, treatments, and necessary referrals are made on a careful, evidential basis. We
are continuously integrating the latest scientific discoveries and advances in medicine to our
clinical practice, and are vigilant about maintaining this highest of caregiving standards. We
view such high standards to be not only the evidential approach, but the ethical one as well.

We believe that every patient’s care should be extended beyond visits to the office. An
important part of our focus includes long-term recuperative strategies as well as preventative
care. We hold that these methods work the best when also practiced along evidential

Though our primary goal as a practice is to see patients, Carrow Street Pediatrics recognizes
the significance of teaching in the field of medicine. We routinely host medical student
shadows, helping to broaden the experience and perspective of tomorrow’s doctors.

In keeping with our mission to provide modern and effective care, we have embraced extra-
medical advances such as the implementation of EMR (electronic medical records). This is a
testament to Carrow Street Pediatrics’ commitment to being at the forefront of both treatment
as well as the remaining scope of patient experience.

Our Care Team provides evidence-based health care emphasizing the whole person including physical, emotional, behavioral and mental health. This is achieved through mutually developed Treatment Care Plans by the provider, patient and/or family.

Welcome again to Carrow Street Pediatrics. We look forward to serving you, your child, and
the community.

Steven Weiss, MD
Theresa Wegman, MD
Tara Reimer, MD
Joseph Kita, MD